In today’s episode, I’ll be featuring the Electric-Avenues PA2V2. After about a week’s use, I’ve been very pleased with the audio quality this pocket amplifier can produce.

The PA2V2 is short for Pocket Amplifier 2 Version 2 and is hand made here in Canada. This amp has a full ABS plastic enclosure and uses a ruby red translucent faceplate to hold the components on the front. The faceplate also allows you to see some of the components on the inside and the bright LED that illuminates when the power switch is on.

Battery life is pretty fantastic. I’ve been able to get the full 100 hours advertised on the Electric-Avenues website and charging is very quick with the included 3 Volt transformer. This amp also features a built in charging circuit, so you can use rechargeable AA batteries until their recharge cycles have been exhausted. This means that you can go for about 4 years without changing the rechargeable batteries. Of course if you aren’t able to recharge the batteries, you can always use 2 regular AA batteries with this amp.

The recommended setting for using this amp is to set the audio source’s volume to about 60%, and then setting the volume to whatever you like on the PA2V2. This seems to be very optimal, and produced very high fidelity audio. Bass, mids, and highs sounded very good, however, I think there should be controls for setting bass and treble. I would imagine this was not featured in this amp to keep the size relatively small.

Overall this amp gets a 10/10 for it’s fantastic size, audio, and build quality. I really haven’t found anything else on the market that can truly rival the quality of the PA2V2, so I definitely recommend it.

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I received the product free of charge from Electric Avenues. The opinions expressed in this review are my own, no one reviewed the content before it was posted, and I am not being compensated for my review.