I was looking for a small tabletop tripod when I discovered pretty much all of them are using Arca-Swiss style quick release plates now. It seems like an interesting system, so I wanted to try it out on my trusty Manfrotto 055 Ball Head. I quickly learned Manfrotto clamps are custom and you need to use a small adapter boss to convert the Manfrotto anti-twist into a standard anti-twist post.

There are a few brands making these adapters:

  • iShoot IS-5275JX (This is what I got, the Manfrotto stem part is a little too slim)
  • Sunwayfoto MAP-02
  • Haoge Female to Male Boss Adapter
  • Desmond DBAD

For the clamp I wanted something that looks nice and wouldn’t look out of place. I discovered the very good looking and well machined Leofoto LHC-60. The clamp feels super high quality. The finish feels really premium, and the knob is knurled perfectly. A 70mm quick release plate is included with a split ring to tighten the screw if you don’t have a screwdriver in the field.

I’m really happy with the clamp. I’m certainly interested in trying some of their other gear.

Stock Manfrotto 501PL Clamp Stock Manfrotto 501PL Clamp

Leofoto LHC-60 with the iShoot adapter Leofoto LHC-60 with the iShoot adapter

The iShoot adapter on my Manfrotto ball head The iShoot adapter on my Manfrotto ball head

Leofoto LHC-60 Quick Release Plate Installed

Looks pretty nice doesn’t it.

Now back to my search for a compact tabletop tripod 😃


I purchased all the stuff in this article with my own funds.