Another Acer monitor bites the dust! Previously, my B243H failed a month before the warranty expired, it was repaired by Acer. Unfortunately, this S243HL was out of warranty so I took the repair into my own hands.

A common fault across cheap consumer grade monitors is lousy Chinese capacitors that fail rather quickly. In this case just over 3 years. The culprit, two Su’Scon SG Series 470uF 16v capacitors that bulged. There were a few more Su’Scon and Jamicon capacitors on the board that hadn’t bulged so I didn’t replace them. I did buy replacements for them just in case they fail in the future…

I replaced the caps with some high quality Panasonic capacitors from DigiKey.

Here’s some high res photos if you’re interested in some more technical parts of the board.

High res photos: Flickr