Rush Keycaps

Fnatic Gear Rush Mechanical Keyboard Review

Last week I reviewed Fnatic Gear’s Flick mouse, and Focus mouse pad, which means it’s time for the review of the Rush Mechanical Keyboard! The Rush is a full size 104 key mechanical keyboard available in your choice of either Cherry MX Red, Blue, or Brown mechanical switches. The keyboard features a soft touch casing, red backlighting, and onboard storage for macros. Video Review Build Quality and Features The Rush is a solid keyboard!...

March 31, 2016 · 4 min · Anthony Di Iorio

Fnatic Flick Mouse & Focus Mouse Pad Review

The following is a review of the Fnatic Flick Gaming Mouse and the Focus Mouse Pad. Video Review FLICK Optical Gaming Mouse Review The Flick is a no nonsense gaming mouse, with a clean design, comfortable layout, and features a 3310 sensor. Specs MCU/Processor: Holtek HT68FB560 Main switches: Omron Sensor: 3310 Memory: 256 kB Resolution: 5000 CPI Frames per second: 6500 Tracking speed: 130 IPS Max acceleration: 30g Report rate: Adjustable, up to 1000Hz Cable: 2 m braided USB 2....

March 22, 2016 · 5 min · Anthony Di Iorio
Focus RS

Checking out Ford's Racing Simulator

So this was my first experience on a full motion racing sim, and I was pretty impressed with how that extra layer of force feedback adds to the realism of the game. I’ve tried other rigs with vibration motors, and others with just a triple monitor setup, but this was just on another level of realism. Unfortunately, Ford’s using rFactor 1 which happens to be a 10 year old sim, and while it doesn’t exactly have the greatest graphics or physics in the world, it was still a great experience....

March 11, 2016 · 2 min · Anthony Di Iorio
Hubsan X4

Hubsan X4 Review

A few months back I took an interest in building a quadcopter. I decided to go the entry-level route and picked up a cheap quad that gets praised on /r/multicopter, the Hubsan X4. There are a few versions of the Hubsan X4: H107L - Standard H107C - Camera H107D - FPV The H107C only costs $10 more, but I don’t think it’s worth the weight of the camera and the extra energy to power it....

July 13, 2015 · 3 min · Anthony Di Iorio

ErgoDox Review

Preface A few months back I joined the Massdrop group buy for the ErgoDox. If you don’t know what Massdrop or a group buy is, basically it allows you to join in on a bulk purchase of a product so the group can get a lower price. Since the ErgoDox requires cooperation from component vendors, a PCB manufacturer, and a company that can do laser cutting, it took absolutely ages for the kit to arrive....

August 6, 2014 · 6 min · Anthony Di Iorio

PA2V2 Headphone Amplifier Review

In today’s episode, I’ll be featuring the Electric-Avenues PA2V2. After about a week’s use, I’ve been very pleased with the audio quality this pocket amplifier can produce. The PA2V2 is short for Pocket Amplifier 2 Version 2 and is hand made here in Canada. This amp has a full ABS plastic enclosure and uses a ruby red translucent faceplate to hold the components on the front. The faceplate also allows you to see some of the components on the inside and the bright LED that illuminates when the power switch is on....

April 20, 2011 · 2 min · Anthony Di Iorio